Weekly wrap-up

I read more articles each week than I can keep track of, and so I have decided to gather together some of the best articles, news and blog posts that I read each week. These will be a mixture of really good writing and news about the issues I hope to discuss on this blog.

Some of this week’s links are more than a week old, as I have only recently decided to do this and there were a couple of things that I really wanted to include. I hope that as I discover more publications, the links will continue to get more varied. Without further ado, then:

Campaigners on sexual violence accuse Olympic organisers of ignoring issue. Locog have decided last-minute to remove helpline information from promotional material, despite evidence that incidents of domestic violence increase during major sporting events. Jane Martinson in the Guardian’s women’s blog.

Get back on air, new BBC chief tells the woman sacked for being too old. The BBC’s new director-general has written to Mary Entwistle, who won an age discrimination case against the company, asking her to return. Adam Sherwin reports in The Independent.

Why women love Fifty Shades of Grey. Zoe Williams in the Guardian’s Comment is free.

I took secret photos of my abortion to empower and educate women. Anonymous in Comment is free – my response here.

The doublethink that allows tabloids to campaign against online porn. Martin Robbins in New Statesman.

This is what online harassment looks like. New Stateman‘s Helen Lewis on online bullying directed at Anita Sarkeesian.

At least make your ‘mum’ taunts funnyThe Independent‘s Viv Groskop on the use of sexist language in the John Terry racist abuse case.

Why Lad Bantz Won’t Get Me Out of My Pants. The Vagenda team on UniLad.

Men in Tights: Fashion and Gender. Jo Gilbert in The Summer Blog Project.

Breastfeeding mothers stage protest in a Bristol cafe. BBC news.

Comment: Hip-hop and homophobia. Billy Sexton in The National Student on Frank Ocean’s coming out and attitudes towards homosexuality in the hop-hop industry.

Saudi women in Olympics for the first time in history. Charlotte Prince in Lippy: No Gloss.

Whore Pill-Hating GOP Pretending the Whole Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Thing Didn’t Happen. Erin Gloria Ryan in Jezebel.


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