The left case for Brexit, or Lexit, or whatever you want to call it.

It’s been so long since I’ve posted on here I had to reset the password. Nevertheless, some thoughts.

It’s not inherently racist to want Brexit. Of course there are arguments beyond ‘we don’t like immigrants’. However, I am so certain that if we do vote out, it will become a mandate for the people leading the leave campaign to swing British politics further to the right and clamp down even more on immigration.

The logo of the 'Britain Stronger In' campaign to remain in Europe in the Brexit referendumIf we vote out, my guess is Farage will crow that everything he’s been spewing for he last several years has been vindicated, there will be calls to restrict immigration more, the right wing media will become even spiteful and Boris, IDS and their crew will make a grab for leadership. And 0% of any money saved will go to the NHS.

We’ve already clamped down heavily on benefits and use of the NHS by foreign nationals and introduced landlord checks that make it harder for migrants to rent. We’ve already given a pitiful response to refugees. We’ve already made it so that international students who pay to study here and could contribute hugely to our society have to return home immediately.

(Aside: Recently the EU issued a new visa directive expanding work and residence rights for international students, so now if they study in an EU country they can stay for nine months to look for work. But because of a clause allowing the UK to exempt itself from some directives, we don’t have to comply and can continue to kick them out as soon as they graduate. The UK actually has way more sway in the EU than the leave campaign is trying to make out.)

For that and many other reasons, I’m voting remain, and I hope you do too.


One thought on “The left case for Brexit, or Lexit, or whatever you want to call it.

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