Replacing Trump’s name with Jezebel descriptions of him is the best idea anyone’s had in ages

Instead of trying to string sense out of the last few days – all Brexit everything, punctuated by Labour resignations trickling in like the slow, damp, farting release of breath from a let-down balloon – here’s a stupid, childish, excellent thing.

Detrumpify Chrome plugin replaces Donald Trump's name with Jezebel insults

Apropos of nothing, I have written a very simple Chrome extension (and a Firefox add-on) that replaces references to Trump with any of several other aliases. The initial “seed” for the list came from Jezebel, which published a list of 70 such names for Trump’s 70th birthday.
Tools of our tools

My wonderful brother put me onto this, which replaces Donald Trump’s name with glorious insults, such as ‘bag of flour’ and ‘full-grown monopoly man carefully balancing a sponge cake atop his head’.

Detrumpify headline: Donald Trump's name replaced with Jezebel descriptions of him

So if you’re a Guardian reader, instead of any standard-issue headline about the presidential hopefuls, this is what you get —>

It might have been a bleak week so far, but blanket Brexit coverage means I’ve only seen a dusting of these this weekend, so every time I see a Trump headline I forget what I’m reading and everything becomes just a little bit better.

You can download the Detrumpify Chrome extension here.


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