Comment policy

Comments are very welcome, so please feel free to share your thoughts. Don’t feel that you have to agree with me, but I ask that you keep it respectful and polite – comments are moderated.

Abusive comments, personal attacks, discriminatory language or judgements based on sex, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, profession or industry or any other arbitrary criteria that might make you uncomfortable won’t be published.

If you’re a PR and want to promote through this blog, feel free to get in touch via email. I don’t have any particular plans for sponsored posts/reviews at the moment, so only get in touch if you think there’s something I might genuinely be interested in and might be appropriate for this blog. I don’t make money from this blog, so please bear in mind that if you leave comments that serve as free advertising for you, expecting me to send you traffic.

Comments that are intentionally inflammatory, misleading or otherwise disingenuous or unhelpful may be made fun of and/or published in a format other than the OP originally intended.

Happy commenting!


One thought on “Comment policy

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